Construction of swimming pools

Basen drabinkaWe specialize in the construction of swimming pools for hotels, SPA salons and individual clients. Our products can be equipped with additional infrastructure and water attractions - regular and massage cascades, outdoor and underwater fountains, spouts for hydrotherapy or counter-currents allowing you to swim in place. For works related to the construction of the pool basin, the installation of appropriate waterproofing and the assembly of hydraulic and control systems, we use materials from reputable manufacturers.


Construction of garden pools

We help our clients in the construction of garden pools already at the conceptual stage. We advise on what solutions will make expectations come true and at the same time keep investment costs as low as possible. We present the advantages and disadvantages of different types of pools and the arguments for choosing them in a specific case. We build the following types of home pools:

  • outdoor garden pools,
  • pools covered with a structure made of aluminum profiles,
  • exposed pools with special cover systems.


Construction of hotel pools

When building hotel pools, we take into account the provisions regarding specific design solutions as well as requirements related to filtering and water treatment. We help in the preparation of a project that meets all the requirements, which will increase the attractiveness of the facility and make guests' stay more enjoyable. We adjust the swimming pools to the nature of the facility and we try to make them fully harmonize with the interior design and provide users with full comfort. We use very efficient filtering and heating systems that allow us to reduce the operating costs of the facility.