We provide services related to the production of swimming pools, saunas and jacuzzis. In addition to design and construction works, we also assemble equipment and all necessary installations. In all our projects, we only use equipment from reliable suppliers, carefully selected for a specific order.

Pool installations and sauna equipment

We provide swimming pool installations such as filtering systems and forcing water circulation. For hotel pools, it is also necessary to install water disinfection equipment. The equipment of the swimming pool should also include a system that allows you to heat the water to the right temperature. In the case of sauna equipment, we offer electric or wood-fired stoves, as well as steam generators.

The comfort of using the sauna is also influenced by the correct selection of control systems and sensors, efficient ventilation and lighting that contributes to the climate.

Pool and sauna service

We service swimming pools and saunas, performing ongoing maintenance and repairs of waterproofing coatings, basins and ceramics. We also deal with water treatment systems, replacement of filters and repair of water heating systems and pumps.

Our pool service activities also include the preparation of outdoor pools for winter, as well as pre-season cleaning and filling. We carry out inspections of saunas, checking the correct operation of stoves and steam generators, the condition of the wiring, and the operation of heaters. We guarantee high quality of services and short deadlines.