Construction of saunas and steam baths

Sauna parowaWe offer the construction of saunas and steam baths - beloved all over Scandinavia, and recently more and more popular also on the Polish market. Installation of the necessary equipment is possible in almost all buildings because it does not take up too much space. It can be made relatively quickly and is not expensive. Our offer is complemented by the construction of relaxation rooms with heated loungers and benches.


Types of saunas

Our extensive offer includes Finnish, steam and dry saunas. We build them in accordance with the customer's wishes, using the most modern and proven furnaces and steam generators.

We offer compact Finnish saunas lined with the best types of wood and modern and energy-saving electric stoves with natural stones. Models of various power are available, both single-phase, which are easy to install in a single-family house, and with more powerful three-phase stoves, intended for SPA salons or swimming pool wellness zones.

In addition to traditional steam baths, we also offer the construction of aromatherapy saunas with the use of essential oils. We also offer salt caves and saunas that facilitate relaxation and have a positive effect on the functioning of the respiratory system.

Additional equipment for saunas

We install additional equipment for saunas - devices for making snow and ice, showers with the possibility of changing the stream, pressure and water temperature, the so-called sensation showers. We also offer special ice caves to cool down after the sauna. Our offer also includes fragrance dispensers for distributing essential oils throughout the facility.